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White Eagle Travel is a Belgrade based travel agency that specialises in packages and educational/sports recreational tourism.

We offer the best of Serbia and it’s history and wild beauty to tourists and beyond our borders also provides a number of locations for educational packages in English speaking countries such as the UK, USA, Malta and Cyprus.

If you’re looking for activity or academic camps, if you are an individual or have a group needing entertainment… Consider Serbia and come with us!

Camps in Serbia

Famous for language camps with native speakers and qualified teachers in our schools.

Language courses abroad

Improve your knowledge in accredited schools abroad.

Communicate with friends from all over the world!

Cultural trips

Meet England, all the sights of this beautiful country with our experienced travel guides.  Fantastic programs – affordable prices!

Seasonal trips

Check out our seasonal trips

Summer schools in Serbia

Summer schools in London

Summer schools in the United Kingdom

Summer schools abroad

Winter, spring and summer programs


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